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Global Trends
Chris MacIntosh

Desperate Times Call for Absurdity

As a child I remember listening to adult conversations and a never ending fascination with the weather. Was it going to be sunny, raining, hot, cold? For how long? Weather forecasts may as well have been penned by J.R.R Tolkien. A work of pure fiction as they bore no resemblance

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Open Source Medicine

Earlier this week I spoke about the growth of industries catering to an ageing population. Biotechnology is one sector that seems disproportionately poised to benefit. With the demographic trend firmly in place, the demand for drugs, combined with the expiration of important drug patents, will act as additional tailwinds behind the

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Cleaning Old Peoples’ Feces – A Growth Industry!

Fresh out of high school I had many goals. Like most goals mine posed some challenges, with a lack of money being centre stage. How to fund tertiary studies, eat, live and pay for it all? I had ventured to a foreign land which enabled me to earn higher wages,

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