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This Simple Strategy Could Have Potentially Saved Billions

Deal making is glamorous. Apparently… When I tell people what I do in private equity I get strange responses. “Oh, that sounds so great, so glamorous,” while the head rolls back and people look at the sky, perhaps imagining all the glamour. Maybe they are thinking international travel, negotiations in

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But It Says So on Facebook!

Funny story. I spoke with a fellow angel investor recently who is now a successful investor but wasn’t always. We were regaling past successes and failures. He told me a story of a terrible deal, which as he recounted the story involved a “Doctor”. The company in question was a

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Voyeurism And Observational Learning

Voyeurism is a strange thing. We bipeds like to watch other people, and we seem to be totally addicted to it no matter what our race or nationality. Ask yourself this:  What do most people do with their spare time? Heck, what do you do with your spare time? Do you

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