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Coronavirus. Listen in to what the professionals are doing

Chris MacIntosh, Brad McFadden principal at Glenorchy Capital and co-editor of Insider at capitalist exploits, Harris (Kuppy) Kupperman from Praetorian Capital, Mike Alkin and his lead analyst Tim Chilleri from Sachem Cove partners, and last but certainly not least, Tim Staermose author of the 4th Pillar at Sovereignman take you through our thoughts on the likely outcomes of Covid-19.

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World Out Of Whack
Chris MacIntosh

World Out Of Whack: Electricity YAY!

The news of fossil fuelled cars being banned by 2040 has tree-hugging beardies everywhere rejoicing because they will, once and for all, get rid of all those ghastly baby-seal-murdering bastard oil and gas executives. But did anyone stop to think what actually powers Electric Vehicles? Hint: it’s not unicorns and rainbows. We look at this absurd situation from the point of view of an investor.

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