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6 Ways to Improve Decision Making

It was one of my first private equity deals ever. I was introduced to a group of guys, all sporting adequate qualifications, a good story (BTW, almost everyone has a good story if only in their own minds) and they were already backed by a well-known Angel. The market opportunity

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Shark Tank on a Chair Lift

You’ve probably seen one of those ridiculous TV shows where some guy or girl has to pick from a lineup of potential partners. Contestants compete with one another to “win the affection” of a chosen bachelor or bachelorette. An hour long dinner date or a walk on the beach and

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It’s Over!

At a “pitch fest” a few nights ago, while sitting listening to the companies present their stories, and questioning the founders, one particular company struck me as a glaring outcast. I’ll tell you why they were an outcast, but first… After just a few pointed questions I discovered that this

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