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Financial Markets
Chris MacIntosh

What Comes After A Yard Sale?

A man walks into a doctor’s office. “I’ve hurt my arm in several places,” he says. The doctor shrugs. “Well,” he replies. “Don’t go there any more.” I can’t recall where I heard that one but it’s funny because nobody intentionally does something that will hurt them. It’s stating the

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The Financial System is Completely Corrupt and Broken. Buy this ETF!

Some anecdotal evidence first… I recently corresponded with a friend in Europe who consults to a number of hedge funds managing predominantly European and British money. He mentioned that across the board his clients are increasingly concerned about equities and are seeking to hold more cash. I asked him if

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Red Flags to Watch Out For – How to Invest Money Wisely

Investing is as much about finding opportunities, profitable companies, and sound management as it is in avoiding fraudsters, ill-thought business ventures, or any of the other risks that rip investors’ faces off. Incidentally, Frank Partnoy’s books all detail flags that investors should be wary of. They’re also a fun read.

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