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2016: The Year When China Put Trump On The Throne

Note: The following is a parody. Characters are fictional (some, at least) and any similarities that may exist with people real or imagined are purely coincidental. Really! December 10, 2015, around 2 AM Zhou Xiaochuan, governor of the PBOC, turns to his wife, unable to sleep: “We just spent $150 billion this

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How to Get Amazing Abs and Understand Markets (No, Seriously!)

My wife has been performing the “plank” at her local running club for over a year now. For those of you who are scratching their heads, this is a core strengthening exercise whereby you hold a “plank” position for an extended period of time. Staring at her amazing abs and then

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What a Disaster This Investment Has Been

When I was younger, 16 I think, I wanted to be George Soros. Horror, I know given that there are probably parts of the world I’d be dismembered in the streets for uttering such a comment. Grumpy old bastard with abhorrent political ideas. Yes, all true but at the time

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Ladies and Gentleman – Grab your “Coats”

That I had to be educated as to who Coats Inc are is a shameful disgrace… But then I’m used to being ashamed and disgraced, I like tomato and peanut butter sandwiches, and THAT my lovely wife tells me is shameful, AND a disgrace.  So who is Coats Inc.? A

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The Best Trades and Investments – 2012!

We investors, speculators and traders may easily be considered a crazy lot. Our heroes are determined by their intellectual capacity and actions. We look up to entrepreneurs and those that think for a living. We don’t care if they are one-legged dwarfs with chronic halitosis, or stunning supermodel types. Tabloids annoy us,

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1 Simple Step On How To Become A Better Investor

We’re always wrong. No matter what amount of analysis we do, what level of due diligence we engage in, we are always wrong in some aspect of our vision of what is going to happen. This is a hard and fast fact. It doesn’t matter if it’s the macro view

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