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Buying Bombed out Equities for Outsized Returns

Our friend  and partner Mark Schumacher recently brought what I feel is a fabulous undervalued opportunity to my attention. Mark is both the President and founder of Thinkgrowth, a boutique investment advisory firm in Massachusetts and a contributing editor to our investment alert service. Mark’s last short sale trade on

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Smashed ‘em Bro!

There is a late night sports show in Australia and New Zealand which I’ve watched only once or twice. It’s called “Crowd Goes Wild.” They have this segment they run where they usually show a rather spectacular rugby collision or tackle. It’s very aptly termed, “smashed em bro.” The equities

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A Frontier Capitalist

I live most of the year in Uruguay these days.  It’s a fascinating place, full of interesting and intelligent people.  There is a vibrant expat community with individuals from all over the globe.  On any given weekend I’m mingling with people from Germany, Botswana, Switzerland, Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Paraguay, Russia

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