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Coronavirus – It’s Not Heart Disease, It’s A Plane Crash

Cardiovascular disease kills over 17 million people annually. It’s the main cause of death globally apparently. I thought it was stupidity but now Google tells me no, it’s “CVD”. Cardiovascular disease. So much for that then. Looking deeper we find what causes it. Too much macaroni cheese, and donuts, which

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Global Trends
Chris MacIntosh

Desperate Times Call for Absurdity

As a child I remember listening to adult conversations and a never ending fascination with the weather. Was it going to be sunny, raining, hot, cold? For how long? Weather forecasts may as well have been penned by J.R.R Tolkien. A work of pure fiction as they bore no resemblance

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Betting on an Inevitable and Overlooked Crisis

It seems as if all the present focus in financial markets is on Europe and “solving” their debt crisis. Debt is by far the biggest problem facing the developed world. What is interesting is that there lurks a far greater crisis on the horizon in my opinion, one that dwarfs

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