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Chris MacIntosh

Mongolia – Finding Its Feet Again

Frontier markets and volatility go together like bacon and eggs. Bursting with energy, chaotic and often smelly they lurch about like a young calf finding its legs. Mongolia could quite aptly be seen to be such a calf. Sometimes the calf lurches about and remains standing. Sometimes it falls over.

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Cuba – The Economy

From Zimbabwe to Myanmar we’ve personally had the pleasure of witnessing totalitarian government at its finest. The results are stunning and we’ve spoken about them before in these pages. Cuba, however is arguably the epitome of a totalitarian state if ever there was one. It’s important to understand Cuba for

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Cuba – A History

Cuba. Such an illustrious history, such a decadent past and such a wasted present. We continue our series on Cuba compliments of our friend, fellow investor and Chairman of Mongolia Growth (YAK.V) group, Harris “Kuppy” Kupperman. Understanding Cuba’s past and present illustrates the consequences of misguided economic policy and how

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Bienvenido a Cuba!

Our good friend “Kuppy” aka Harris Kupperman, hedge fund prodigy, occasional writer at Adventures in Capitalism and Chairman of Mongolia Growth Group (YAK:V), our favoured means of playing the Mongolian Real estate boom, recently visited that bastion of chronic political ideology gone wrong – Cuba. He has written no less

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