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Yak & Yen, Yin & Yang

Strong macro-economic trends are typically like ocean liners or overfed pigs in feed lots. They turn slowly and with difficulty. I recently discussed Mongolia, comparing it with another resource rich country in Africa in a post entitled Congolia. Therein I re-stated our bullish stance. The country has some very strong

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Mongolia – It’s a Wrap!

Well, that was exciting! Mark and I just spent an amazing month on the ground, networking and digging in with some of Mongolia’s best and brightest. A few days ago we concluded our first Frontier Markets Meet Up in Ulanbaataar, the capital city. To say that it was a success

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The Cliff Edge is Safe… Really!!

Our friend Harris Kupperman recently wrote an interesting article asking the question, “Does Real Estate Equal A Bond Short?” If you haven’t read his occasional musings you should. He’s sharper than the hairpins at Monaco. To summarize Harris’ article: You’re not buying Real estate per se, what you’re buying is

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