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CapEx Team

Inflation: Talk Dirty to Me – OWTW

Ah, those Perrier-sipping, pointy-shoed central bankers… It wasn’t that long ago when they assured us we were crazy to even mutter the dreaded “i” word — even as raging consumer goods prices were obvious to everyone (but them). But after a while, the charade became too obvious. They admitted that

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Shortages Are Not Just For Ivan

The USSR was known for many things. Shortages were absolutely one of them. It was so bad that you could wait for up to 10 years to order and receive a car. And after that 10 year wait you got to be the proud owner of one of these. And

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Financial Markets
Chris MacIntosh

What Would You Have Done?

Let’s analyse the formation of the bond bull market which began in 1982. We’ll use the US 10-year as proxy. Here it is in all its glory: The 60’s and 70’s saw bond yields run from a low around 4% to over 10% at the tail end of the 70’s.

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Davos – Profiting from the Asinine

Davos  (?dæv?s) — n. Romansch name: Tarau.  A mountain resort town in Switzerland. Let’s consult the CapitalistExploits.com Dictionary for a better definition: Davos – n. A mountain resort town in Switzerland. It is best known as a place invaded annually by an assortment of the world’s most arrogant power brokers,

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