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CapEx Team

Inflation: Talk Dirty to Me – OWTW

Ah, those Perrier-sipping, pointy-shoed central bankers… It wasn’t that long ago when they assured us we were crazy to even mutter the dreaded “i” word — even as raging consumer goods prices were obvious to everyone (but them). But after a while, the charade became too obvious. They admitted that

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Financial Markets
Chris MacIntosh

What Would You Have Done?

Let’s analyse the formation of the bond bull market which began in 1982. We’ll use the US 10-year as proxy. Here it is in all its glory: The 60’s and 70’s saw bond yields run from a low around 4% to over 10% at the tail end of the 70’s.

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Davos – Profiting from the Asinine

Davos  (?dæv?s) — n. Romansch name: Tarau.  A mountain resort town in Switzerland. Let’s consult the CapitalistExploits.com Dictionary for a better definition: Davos – n. A mountain resort town in Switzerland. It is best known as a place invaded annually by an assortment of the world’s most arrogant power brokers,

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