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Crescendo of Debt – ¥1,086,000,000,000,000

Questions, not answers are where all thoughts begin. If you’ve come to this blog looking for answers we humbly suggest you leave now. There are countless sites out there offering you the answers. That many of them have been, and continue to be, dead wrong doesn’t matter, they satisfy the perverse need for

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Japan, Life Insurance Companies and Bedroom Talk…

It must be the stench of an enormous pile of debt that keeps bringing me back to Japan. Like a scavenging mongrel at a rubbish dump, I’m drawn to the pure absurdity that exists in today’s financial markets. Greece, Italy, Ireland, France they’re all running unsustainable finances. The problem is

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The Best Trades and Investments – 2012!

We investors, speculators and traders may easily be considered a crazy lot. Our heroes are determined by their intellectual capacity and actions. We look up to entrepreneurs and those that think for a living. We don’t care if they are one-legged dwarfs with chronic halitosis, or stunning supermodel types. Tabloids annoy us,

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