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Pushing Against the Mainstream

I was a rebel while in school. I wasn’t the ill-mannered brute beating up smaller kids, and I wasn’t the obnoxious snot-nosed brat who swore at teachers because Daddy and Mommy hadn’t taught any manners, I was simply the type who challenged authority. Of course my tantrums made no logical sense, and I had

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Investing in Education

Investing involves more than simply allocating money towards a particular venture. It also involves what we do with our time, which is arguably our greatest resource. In today’s world Mark and I see a fair amount of futility involved in going to University immediately out of secondary school, and even

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Education versus Schooling

Screw it, I’m not going to send my kids to university when they complete their schooling years. I’m going to send them travelling, and not only that – I’m going to make them pay for it. When they inevitably spend a day, thankfully still in the distant future, throwing up

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