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Chris MacIntosh

The Anatomy of a Carry Trade Bubble

Last week I discussed some very important things, not the least of which was how to get rock hard abs. Equally as important is how asymmetry builds in nature and in financial markets. Today I wanted to continue the discussion. A question posed by a reader prompted me to think about

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Did Someone Say Deleveraging?

For reference I should mention that I recently wrote about debt in a post titled Debt Chart Porn, and we are about to mail out our comprehensive debt report to our registered readers. All of this has led me to thinking a lot about debt and the state of the world

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Trading Lessons from a Reformed Idiot

Have you ever done something so stupid that you really never wanted to discuss it again… ever… ever, ever, ever? I’ve previously discussed some random lessons learnt so far. Today I have a shameful story to share with you, and its roots are in a dark, dank and rotten place…

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Leverage – Why Here, Why Now?

Leverage – It brought down, LTCM, Lehman and recently MF Global. It will probably bring down Deutsche and Credit Anstalt before the final episode of the European sitcom, “We’re all family right?” is released to viewers around the world, likely to the Dire Straits tune Brothers in arms. The flip side

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The Benefits of Pissing People Off

We’ve previously discussed the various aspects of angel investing and what we look for in a business and its management. Today I want to talk about the other side of the coin. My reason for discussing this topic was prompted by my having a quite drink with a friend recently.

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