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Chris MacIntosh

This One Thing Has Killed Before and It’s About to Kill Again

While on a weekend hike with my family a few weeks ago I bumped into a very experienced alpine climber and we started chatting. This guy had climbed some of the most treacherous alpine mountains that the planet can chuck at you. I’ve never had the inclination to climb like this

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Frontier Markets Investing 101

I was recently asked the question, “What is a Frontier market?” So, today I thought I’d follow up on our recent post, Cambodia – The New Emerging Market..?, wherein we had a conversation with the CEO of Leopard Capital, Doug Clayton, and answer this question as best I can. Frontier

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Front-Running Liquidity – A Terrific Investment Strategy

Front-running liquidity has been a terrific investment strategy for Mark and I over the years (and NO, it has nothing to do with getting drunk before everybody else). It allowed me, before reaching the ripe old age of 30, to wake up one morning realizing that, “Hey I don’t have to

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