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King Coal – Driving Indonesia’s Economy

In June of last year our colleague Scott caught up with Ranjeet Sundher, CEO of Challenger Deep Resources (CDE:TSX-V), a company focused on coal development and production in Indonesia. Whilst in Singapore he penned a summary of their conversation, Conquering the Indonesian (and Mongolian) Frontier. Scott sat down again with

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Myanmar – In the Mix

(China, Missionaries, Methamphetamine and the CIA) As is often the case when investing in Frontier markets it is important to get a grip on what has come before, the current reality and what to be scared s*#tless of. Mark and I spend a great deal of time attempting to figure

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A Mongolian Mogul

Jamul Jadamba is a Mongolian National with an intriguing and diverse background. He’s fast become one of the most valuable members of our on-the-ground network in the country, and he’s a man we are paying a LOT of attention to. You’ll see why over the next few days. Born in

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