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Chris MacIntosh

Mongolia – Finding Its Feet Again

Frontier markets and volatility go together like bacon and eggs. Bursting with energy, chaotic and often smelly they lurch about like a young calf finding its legs. Mongolia could quite aptly be seen to be such a calf. Sometimes the calf lurches about and remains standing. Sometimes it falls over.

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Mongolia – Is This Guy for Real?

Mongolia has a kind of raw seething grittiness to it. It is like a brand spanking new 8 liter V-10 engine with the chassis in place but the rest of the machine is a mishmash of bolted on parts, the seats come from an abandoned Lada, the interior is decorated

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Coming – Phase II of the Mongolian Boom!

Since this blog is pretty much a running commentary of our “exploits”, today I decided to post up an email conversation I had with our colleague Harris Kupperman. I took a few liberties with editing, but only slightly so that it would make sense to you, dear readers. By now

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The End of The World… So, Why Are We Buying NOW in Mongolia?

Waking on the morning of the 22nd of December I was startled, shocked, and horrified to find the world looking remarkably similar to the one I left the evening before. Here I was expecting a whole New World, a better world, a world without shopping malls, noisy neighbours, TV commercials, 

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