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Not Your Kind Grandpa

I was about to hit publish on an intriguing investment opportunity I wanted to share with you. But just before hitting the send button, my buddy asked me to come have a beer with him in Omaha. His invite came with THE best viewpoint of the legendary investor Warren Buffett that I’ve ever read,

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This Trickle Will Soon Become a Flood

I cracked a rib a week ago. Don’t ask. Every time I breathe deeply, turn my body or laugh I am reminded that a tiny portion of my body, namely my damned rib, is involved in the process. It got me to thinking how much our present crop of bureaucrats

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Keeping us “Safe” – Consequences

I’m in need of some relaxation techniques. Stress is bad for you. You can feel it eating its way through you like one of those giant intestinal worms on a medical horror movie. As such I’m listening to this… some music I was introduced to recently. Even if you don’t

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Angel Investing – Higher Returns, Greater Control

The late 20th century was good to most Western investors. On the back of accumulated capital, a free-market based system (sort of), and a largely non-interventionist government (again, sort of…), boomers built businesses and consumed goods at an unprecedented rate. This allowed stock markets to enjoy a historical bull run.

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