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Jamie Keech

How You Got Screwed In 2018

Resource Insider readers know that one of my favorite topics of discussion is rampant scum-baggery in the junior mining industry. Naturally, when Cambridge House International invited me to speak at this year’s Vancouver Resource Investment Conference, it was THE topic that needed addressing. In this presentation I discuss: The importance

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King Coal – Driving Indonesia’s Economy

In June of last year our colleague Scott caught up with Ranjeet Sundher, CEO of Challenger Deep Resources (CDE:TSX-V), a company focused on coal development and production in Indonesia. Whilst in Singapore he penned a summary of their conversation, Conquering the Indonesian (and Mongolian) Frontier. Scott sat down again with

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Buying Bombed out Equities for Outsized Returns

Our friend  and partner Mark Schumacher recently brought what I feel is a fabulous undervalued opportunity to my attention. Mark is both the President and founder of Thinkgrowth, a boutique investment advisory firm in Massachusetts and a contributing editor to our investment alert service. Mark’s last short sale trade on

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Mongolia: Two Steps Forward, One Step Back?

Given our bullish stance on Mongolia, which seems to conflict with much coming out of the mainstream press these days, I figured it prudent to reach out to our on-the-ground contacts, mainly self-appointed news mogul “Mogi” Munkhdul Badral, whom some of you had the pleasure of meeting whilst in Mongolia

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Myanmar – In the Mix

(China, Missionaries, Methamphetamine and the CIA) As is often the case when investing in Frontier markets it is important to get a grip on what has come before, the current reality and what to be scared s*#tless of. Mark and I spend a great deal of time attempting to figure

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