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What Do Supertankers and Southeast Asia Have in Common?

My son just read me an interesting fact. Did you know that a typical oil tanker will take up to 3km and 45 minutes to complete a 180 degree turn at normal sea speed? He is busy reading me all the facts about the Titanic. He’s enthralled with it because

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How Traffic Jams Can Lead Us to Profit

The evolution of the Western shopper is well documented… Gone are the small local outlets from which our previous generation shopped. Modern adolescents now spend their waking hours roving shopping malls while glued to smart phones. I wrote an article on the topic of virtual crack a while back, it

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Cambodia’s Silk Trade – Opportunity Knocking…

Sometimes you get lucky and stumble upon great people and companies by accident. I sure did during my first weeks in Cambodia. Walking along the Riverside (the neighborhood I call home) I strolled into a silk garment shop to check out their local wares. The General Manager, Laurence Karatau and

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