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Quiet Zone
Chris MacIntosh

The Power of Shut Up!

Sitting with my lovely wife recently in a hospital waiting room (don’t ask) flicking through magazines, she showed me a picture of an elderly woman, a famous celebrity. Now, let me say that I care for celebrities and follow their movements in the same way I care for and follow the

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Starting Up in Myanmar

In a world simply drowning in debt, the most egregious debt ever recorded in the worlds history in fact, we find ourselves with a unique situation where previously backward broken shell shocked countries such as Myanmar have one element of risk which we can eliminate from our risk profile when

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IQ, IP and 8 Commandments of Corporate Governance

Recent dealings with a company led me to think about the relationship between corporate governance, creativity, innovation and what it takes to create or indeed wreck a successful enterprise. A result of having been involved in well over 100 private equity transactions (I’ve long ago stopped counting), Mark no doubt

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Shark Tank on a Chair Lift

You’ve probably seen one of those ridiculous TV shows where some guy or girl has to pick from a lineup of potential partners. Contestants compete with one another to “win the affection” of a chosen bachelor or bachelorette. An hour long dinner date or a walk on the beach and

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