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Random Lessons Learnt So Far…

Life is nothing but a great adventure. I’d like to share a cadre of things I’ve learned along the way.  I hope I learn a lot more… Give good people a chance but don’t be cavalier about who you provide your value to. There’s no sacred ground here. If people

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Investment Mistakes – How to Lose Money in 11 Easy Steps

I tend to hang out with positive people as invariably they make me feel good, whether it be guys that are capitalists like me, entrepreneurs building businesses or people that appreciate similar things in life to me such as fitness and sports they’re all positive people. I made a pledge

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8 Reasons Not To Sign an NDA

One of the most important things for any Entrepreneur to do is to protect their intellectual property. As such I’ve often heard it being said that entrepreneurs seeking to raise capital should ensure that potential investors sign an NDA. This is nuts. This seems to me to be akin to asking a

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