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Current Affairs/Politics
CapEx Team


The reason to consider Turkey is because, as we move into a time of increased uncertainty, and with the power vacuum left by the United States, I believe Turkey will once again become a key player. Not many Westerners seem to consider Turkey, which I find odd given its geographical

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Emerging Markets
Chris MacIntosh

Macroworld: Realities And Perceptions

In this weekly wrap up, we look at the capitalist/socialist cycle, Revisit our predictions of an EM crisis, Elon Musk’s weed smoking ways and Tesla’s ongoing issues, and the basket case that is South Africa.

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Weekly Recap
Chris MacIntosh

This Man Is A Moron

Depressed? Then maybe you missed our earlier post this week about success… and what that might mean to you. While on the topic here’s another way to cure depression… Dirty Weekend Away? Check this out: Book her a secret weekend away in luxury… just don’t tell her you paid a

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Talking Turkey With Chris Mayer

Turkey holds many fond memories for me. It was a country I first travelled to on a whim, after watching Midnight Express. The film is based on the true story of a young American student sentenced to spend 30 years in a Turkish prison for smuggling hashish out of Turkey.

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