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The Case for Frontier Farmland

The following content is provided courtesy of our colleague Scott.  As Scott is passionate about the case for investment in frontier agriculture – a point in which we share much common ground – we asked him to share some of his insight. [hr] Last week I had lunch with an

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Viet Nam or Cambodia?

As I look out my broken and dusty bus window, wiping the dirty sweat from my brow I am enamored by the rice paddies and beautiful countryside. Suddenly we come to an abrupt stop and I’m relieved of my calm introspection. It’s time to enter “No Man’s land”, that bureaucratic

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How to Invest in Frontier Markets

Investing in frontier markets is a challenge due to lack of liquidity and significant set-up times. One way to circumvent these problems is to Invest in other people’s expertise through a managed fund. We work hard to associate ourselves with smart individuals where we can reciprocate value. This not only

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