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A Conversation with Harris Kupperman – Part Deux

We ended the last post (the first part of a discussion with Harris Kupperman – “Kuppy”) discussing Mongolia and then Cambodia. In this discussion Harris and I moved on to the state of the world economy, and Japan in particular. ——- Chris: We’re living in a very unique investing environment

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Direct Democracy Is The Way To Go

That we live in both exciting and dangerous times should be obvious to anyone not living under a rock. London’s cities are on fire, Europe teeters, Japan manipulates, intervenes, and the US…well the thugs now investigate S&P. Not that I care for S&P but its amusing nonetheless. Downgrade, how dare they! Politics

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Patriotism: A Very Different View

Capitalism and politics are inextricably linked and so as an avid capitalist it certainly pays to pay attention to politics. Following straight on the back of my post on Military Minds, I thought it worth sharing an article written by one Fred Reed. Fred speaks his mind in a way that

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