Are You Aware Of These Future-Shaping Technology Trends?

I’ve spent a lot of time discussing the state of affairs in our global financial system. The problems are significant to say the least, and understanding them is the first step towards protecting ourselves from the consequences and naturally profiting from them.

What we cannot and must not lose sight of is human innovation. The very real and undeniable fact is that throughout crisis, market crashes, wars and absurd government intervention in markets, technology has and will continue to march steadily onwards.

Not only does it march onwards, but it does so at an accelerating pace as technologies converge creating entirely new systems.

I’ve been a professional investor for over 15 years, and have learnt some harsh lessons and met some amazing people along the way.

I recently recorded a phone conversation with one of those amazing people – an exceptional entrepreneur, thought leader, and technologist: Kent Langley. On top of all of these things, Kent he is also a genuinely unique human.

His understanding of exponential technologies and how these technologies are converging and reshaping our world is quite literally amongst THE most important concepts any business owner, investor and in fact any person who intends to be around for the next decade, absolutely needs to acquaint themselves with.

Presumably that’s you. (I know it’s me.)

I cannot emphasise how much I respect and value Kent’s insights and the recording I made with him is a short introduction to a man I believe you would do well knowing.

Kent and I spoke about some of the most important technology trends that are shaping the future, and companies and industries that will benefit from them. As an example, companies leveraging the power of decentralized cloud storage, like Storj does.


I genuinely believe that the world of our future is filled with such disruption that it will be absolutely crucial to understand what is taking place and how to both protect ourselves as well as profit from this disruption.

Enjoy the podcast and, as always, let me know your thoughts.

– Chris

“Technology is anything that wasn’t around when you were born.” – Alan Kay


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