The Virtues Of Discrimination

I deserve to be punished!

Yesterday, I received some mail from subscribers in response to my article about the end of the empire:

“More buggered than an alter boy at the Vatican”. This is a witch hunt against the clergy. Can’t you see that? You perpetuate the lies and I hope God punishes you for it. What’s more I’m British, and proud of it and your article is racist. I’ve unsubscribed from your stupid discriminating blog.

Not everyone wants me dead, though… which is nice:

“God, I love these essays!”


Hi Chris

Just a quick thanks to you and your team for all the updates and your insights. Having a feed of well thought through investment advice mixed with highly entertaining commentaries which cut through the thickest layers of the BS right to the essence of the matter is more than I had expected when I signed up for this and I really appreciate it.



“I just shared this around the office here in London, where I have to tell you…we’re having a cup of tea:-) Love your take on the world and your unashamed way of dealing with reality. I first came across your work when a friend forwarded this one to me. It is so rare to find clarity of thinking and I really appreciate your ability to bring together the complexity of economics, human behaviour, history and everything in between. Keep up the fantastic truly insightful work.”

I’m reminded that you can’t please everyone… and neither should you try. It’s also useful to weed out morons so it’s got that going for it.

As much as I find amusement from hate mail and am humbled by well wishers, it made me think about this problem of political correctness. It’s an incredibly important topic and, in fact, was a significant factor in correctly predicting the ascension of Trump to the throne.

The people, like the disgruntled Brit above, who refuse to acknowledge things like the epidemic of pedophilia in the church are dangerous. The selective bias is appalling. They look at themselves and others not as individual human beings… which is how we should interact with one another, but rather as some group. Everything to them is pigeon holed into some category: white, black, male, female, left, right, capitalist, globalist, and so on.

They actually define themselves and others as a class, not as an individual. It’s lazy thinking at its finest. This is seriously problematic for a simple reason: it subjugates the individual in favour of the group. Some humour about Brits (who I secretly love) is immediately classed as racist. It’s completely absurd to the point of bordering on mentally ill.

Everything that doesn’t fit into their world view finds a label with “discrimination” being extremely popular. This is because it’s so loosely defined – literally anything can (and is) jammed into the discriminatory jar.

Have you ever bought a new car and then found that everywhere you look you seem to see the same car and colour?

In a similar fashion, these people search for discrimination, find it everywhere, and then attack it.

Say after me: we need discrimination. It is what keeps society ordered and civilised.

An example:

Some time ago my wife and I were out having dinner with a group of friends – 3 other couples. One of the guests, who I’ll call Harry (not his real name), had shoddy manners, cut people off in mid-conversation in order to put his point across, and was generally overbearing, loud, and obnoxious. Even when I cut him down and told him, in no uncertain terms, that he was being rude and offensive, this washed over him like water off a duck’s back. When a shared plate of food arrived, Harry proceeded to scoop literally half of the plate straight onto his own plate and eat it… without the slightest acknowledgement that his bahaviour may not be exactly acceptable.

Have we and the other couples subsequently discriminated against Harry? Hell, yeah! We won’t be inviting him and his poor wife over anytime soon.

Discrimination? Sure.

Necessary? Absolutely.

It’s what keeps society civilised. It comes as no surprise that Harry has few friends, is constantly “in between” jobs, and survives, as far as I can tell, by the grace of his wife, who for whatever reason, continues to support him. That, too, may at some point become too much, and Harry will find that, in order for him to not starve, he’ll need to change his ways. This is how things should work.

Do you discriminate when you steer clear of a group of young men with an aggressive swagger walking at night?

I sure hope so. This is not prejudice it’s bloody prudence.


It’s got such a nice ring to it but those using it don’t actually understand its true meaning. The dictionary tells us it’s the preservation of different cultures or cultural identities within unified society. 

Discrimination is closely tied with multiculturalism, which is easily one of the most misunderstood and misinterpreted terms in our modern lexicon. From my experience – and I’ve lived in 7 different countries, traveled to over 50, and do business with, have employees, colleagues, and business associates that traverse not only the globe but all the major religions and ethic groups – I can tell you this: those who live and work with many cultures and across geographies never, and I mean never, have an issue with this.

Those who do are inevitably the ones who have never traveled or travel little, and they wish to actually enforce on others their own world view. These are the worst sort of people. Those who not only believe things which are false but are not content until you, too, adhere to their beliefs. It’s an ideology, and ideologies are more dangerous than nuclear weapons.

Peter Thiel saw this coming a full 20 years ago. I would urge you to spend 15 minutes and listen to this speech he gave:

He quite correctly mentions that

“Multiculturalism has nothing to do with the study of other cultures.” He goes on to say that “You do not see students protesting on college campuses demanding missionary postings in third world countries, to learn more about other societies. You do not have people protesting to learn Chinese or Swahili.”

“You cannot have diversity on a college campus with people who look different but think alike.”

Peter discusses the threat to Western civilisation, which ironically is not posed by any other civilisation but rather comes from within. Those who have been reared in the warm bosom of Western civilisation providing freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and a host of freedoms, which have allowed for unparalleled wealth and opportunity. This is where the threat comes from. It’s not unlike a spoilt child who has been given too much by well-meaning parents… only to invite drug dealers and gangsters into the homestead to destroy it and rape and pillage.

This is not non-Western but anti-Western and advocating the destruction of Western civilisation.

Multiculturalism joins the ranks of a long list of junk words that have crawled into popular vocabulary but which infest our brain and are used by self-righteous pompous pseudo intellectuals to further goals which have little to do with what we’re told they do.

Words such as “islamophobia”, a nonsensical word if ever there was one (which I’ll write about in a separate article… because nobody else will)… and another pet hate: “marginalized”, which if you look carefully, is a term used to describe any minority group that enjoys support from multimillion dollar lobby groups where the objective is to destroy criticism of the particular group and to garner favours which would, if the group couldn’t muster being “marginalised” would NOT receive largess. Interestingly, these “marginalised” groups cannot ever be white and male. Think about why that is.

Be careful of using these rubbish euphemisms and fight back against those who throw them out as accusations, because they are the epitome of lazy thinking and are being used as weapons to destroy what is often common sense. In this world or irrationality, when a rational statement is made that it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, society runs the risk of being to afraid to say that yes, it’s a duck. That, my friends, is dangerous territory indeed.

– Chris

“If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn’t thinking.” — George S. Patton


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