Insights From One Of Asia’s Top Hedge Fund Managers

Last week I jumped on a call with an old friend Thomas Hugger who I hadn’t spoken with in months.

I recorded the call for your enjoyment but first a quick bit of background to Thomas.

Thomas is a Swiss fund manager living and working in Asian frontier markets such as Vietnam, Bangladesh, and Cambodia, which is a bit like taking a Rolls Royce through the Gobi desert if you think about it. The Swiss after all are everything that frontier markets are not: on time, reliable, consistent… maybe even boring.

The truth is, Thomas has managed to keep all the good Swiss attributes while remaining sane in environments which others would not. He is a veteran of frontier markets and Asia and has probably forgotten more about these markets than I’ll ever know.

He is the CEO and Fund manager at Asia Frontier Capital, and has spent 27 years in private banking where he specialized in managing portfolios of listed and unlisted equities.

He’s been investing in Asian and African Frontier Markets since 1993 and was the former Managing Partner, CFO & COO of Leopard Capital; and was previously a Managing Director and Head of Portfolio Management at LGT Bank in Hong Kong. He also held senior investment positions at Bank Julius Baer in Zurich and Hong Kong. Thomas was also the founding shareholder of one of the largest brokerage companies in Bangladesh. He is also a Certified Financial Investment Analyst (CFIA) and Investment Adviser (Switzerland) and a Certified European Federation of Financial Analysts Societies (EFFAS) Financial Analyst.

Most importantly Thomas is one of the most hard working down to earth guys I know. His fund has recently won the Asian Frontier Fund of the Year at the Global Fund Awards 2016 and he is one of the gents I turn to for Asian equities. I think you’ll enjoy listening to his thoughts (an added bonus that you won’t be charged for is that he has an awesome accent).

Some of the topics we covered are:

  • Why investing in India is possibly not all it’s cracked up to be, even though it’s probably the most loved emerging market in Asia right now.
  • Why Thomas is underweight Sri Lanka.
  • What China’s “One Belt, One Road” policy means for the region, and…
  • His number one country for investment (and why)
  • The second country which he believes provides a lot of potential but has been beaten up and left for dead (hint: regular readers will know it’s one we just bought an investment in).

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– Chris

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