Tis The Season To…?

Oh No, Not the Bacon

By the hysterical force of their arguments you’d think that their firstborn had just been violently ripped from their clutches by men in balaclavas wearing boots to be ground up in a meat mulcher destined to be turned into dog tucker. But no, it’s worse than that. It is —wait for it — “insensitive” words.

One Dr. Shareena Hamzah of Swansea University claims that common sayings are offensive to minority groups.

Here are some nuggets from Dr. Hamzah:

‘Bring home the bacon’ and ‘killing two birds with one stone’ will go out of fashion to avoid offending animal lovers, according to Shareena Hamzah of Swansea University.

Now, I don’t know about you, but to me there’s something quite special about bacon.

Clearly, it was made by the gods and to advocate for anything that could remove this from my life is playing with fire. Take bacon from my life and there is a very real possibility that I turn into one of those blokes who sleeps all day, wakes at 8 PM, dresses in black, and proceeds to the gun range. Day in. Day out.

Some other nuggets from the good Dr who wants to replace:

‘Take the bull by the horns’ with ‘take the flower by the thorns’.

‘Killing two birds with one stone’ is, if anything, made more powerful by the animal-friendly alternative of ‘feeding two birds with one scone’.’

This dolt also wants to replace the phrase ‘to flog a dead horse’ with ‘to feed a fed horse’.

Why you’d feed an already fed horse I don’t know. Clearly she wants an obese horse. Wouldn’t you feed an unfed horse?

But don’t worry, there’s more.

‘More than one way to skin a cat’ should become ‘more than one way to peel a potato’.

Why folks don’t treat these PC mad screeching banshees like the psychologically aberrated individuals they so clearly are is beyond me.

And the reason I bring this to your attention is quite simple: This will end in violence. In fact, it already is. Hello, ANTIFA.

On a more serious note, I wrote last week about why it is that this PC nonsense is prevalent in Western civilisation but not elsewhere.

It’s a bad sign, and if you study history, you’ll notice that the same types of folks who are rallying around this are the same sort who rallied around Robespierre during the French revolution, Lenin during the Russian Revolution, Hitler in ‘30s Germany, and Mao in China. 

Alcatraz, Move Over

You know how I’ve been promising you that Merkel created a problem which would ultimately lead to the very thing the EU was setup to conquer?

Well, Denmark has now decided to “house migrants” on a separate island. No isht!

Denmark has been accused of treating migrants like an “inferior race” after it announced plans to house dozens on a remote island used for experiments on livestock with contagious diseases.

Up to 100 migrants who have been found guilty of crimes but cannot be deported will be sent to Lindholm by 2021. Most will be failed asylum seekers.

The ruling coalition strenuously denied that the island would be a prison, although the residents will have to report to the authorities every day.

Inger Stojberg, immigration minister from the conservative Venstre party, said they would feel “unwanted”.

Macron Wants a European Monetary Fund

Maybe you noticed but Macron is in a bit of a bind. The pretty boy’s gotta choose.

Appease Brussels or appease a lot of extremely pissed off people, voters actually. That poses a herculean problem because you can’t answer to two rulers. 

What’s a man to do?

Well, I was mulling this over and thought to myself, you know, he could just grow a pair, but then I woke up.

Take a look at this.

No, Macron needs the EU to fund France so that he can pay off the angry folks in the streets and get around those pesky austerity rules and budget constraints.

He can institute fiscal policies to do that but not without flouting EU laws and angering the pointy shoes in Brussels.

Enter a European Monetary Fund that would assist in “stabilising Europe”. 

Expect more of this and further expect austerity to become something all Europeans look back on in a few short years as a relic of the past.

Mind What You Tweet

Remember in my article about how the intolerant minority wins

Well, check this out. A gent by the name of Anthony Furey was sent a chilling warning from Twitter.

His crime?

Posting cartoons of the prophet Mohammed. Note, not from ISIS or some lunatic fringe of jihadists. From Twitter.

“We are writing to inform you that Twitter has received official correspondence regarding your Twitter account, @anthonyfurey. The correspondence claims that the following content is in violation of Pakistan law: Section 37 of PECA-2016, Section 295 B and Section 295 C of the Pakistan penal code.”

So what exactly do the violations refer to?

Section 295 B concerns defiling the Qur’an and the punishment can be as severe as life imprisonment. Section 295 C focuses on derogatory content about Muhammad. That one comes with the death penalty.

You can read the entire saga here but realise this. We’re moving rapidly into a world that resembles much more of tribalism.

We’ll be seeing more of this, and while that’s taking place, we’ll be seeing more, much more of rising nationalism.

Four Steps of Sound Advice

In response to my last article about doing what’s necessary, not what you can, a thoughtful subscriber responded.

This is how:

  • 1st: Define the question
  • 2nd: Specify the facts, if possible
  • 3rd: Evaluate results, not opinions
  • 4th: Repeat the process

Sounds like sound advice to me.

Tis the Season to Beat the Isht Out of a Pedo

THAT is something to cheer about.



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