This edition is probably the beastiest we’ve produced. Late nights, phone calls, research into the wee hours, you name it. It is hard not to feel overwhelmed. We feel fortunate we’ve been watching much of this for decades now, so the ability to parse information and understand it within context is hopefully better than if we’d only picked up the sport recently. Finding the time to get even a fraction of it all down here for you is challenging, and so I’m actually surprised myself it’s larger, not shorter than normal. There was a time when we began this publication that we figured it would be a dozen pages on a weekly basis. So much for that, heh?

There is, of course, a LOT going on… and fast. This is both a time to really pay attention and also a time to ensure we do not get caught up in a panic making irrational decisions that hurt us later. For that one needs to step away from the fray and attempt to view things from a different perspective.

Before we dive in, I think it worth asking the question. What ISN’T being talked about and that is, of course, Taiwan. You’ll recall that I’ve always said that power abhors a vacuum, and the power vacuum being left by the US globally would be filled. It always happens. The catastrophically conducted withdrawal from Afghanistan really was the icing on the cake. It was a signal to American allies that America can’t be trusted. It was a signal to America’s foes that America was weak. Nobody was going to take America seriously again after that fiasco. And so here we are.

Taiwan | Photograph: Ann Wang/Reuters

Right now all eyes are on Ukraine. Where said eyes are NOT is on the little island of Taiwan. That’s a mistake because, as I mentioned many months ago, China took Hong Kong because it could. In the midst of the world focusing its attention elsewhere, China took advantage and now fully controls Hong Kong. You could easily ask yourself the question, “Why was there precious little coverage in the MSM of what transpired there, and why is it different now with Russia in Ukraine?” I’ll let you ponder that in your own time. The point here and now is this. The probability that China moves on Taiwan just moved a lot higher.

Next week we’ll delve into some positions you may wish to take as a hedge. In short, you want to go long non-Taiwanese semiconductor stocks. I say this only to get the message to you as everything is taking place very fast, and often I’m writing something only to have things transpire overnight. And as you know, this is a weekly.


Good grief. Where to start?

Let me begin with this. In the geopolitical power struggle that has moved from being covert to overt there are no good guys vs bad guys. They’re all sociopaths of differing stripes. It’s the crips and the bloods writ large. Each gang will run their own propaganda and battle for minds. Don’t be fooled. They’re all thugs.


Consider what we’ve just experienced in the last two years. It didn’t matter much whether you were in Russia or Ukraine. Both “leaderships” locked you down, tried bullying you to take unknown drugs for a virus for which you had a 99.8% survivability. Both are keen on vaccine passports, central bank digital currencies, and more (not less) government control over your life. And no, it’s not like “the West” is any different. Hell, just look at Canada, Australia, New Zealand, France, Germany, Italy, and the blue states in the US, all of which are and have been worse. I wish it wasn’t so, and I’m sure that we’ll continue to find relative freedoms for ourselves… or die trying.

So please realise there’s no good guys here, just different thugs with different agendas… and we are caught in the midst of it.

For Russia the requirement as laid out in the Minsk agreement was that Ukraine remain a buffer state. This entailed it never joining NATO and never having NATO forces in its territory. This clearly never happened as NATO has continuously breached the Minsk agreement. It was agree to those terms or be dismembered.

Putin is now in the process of installing a puppet government of Moscow since he sees this as a credible threat to toppling the Russian government. It doesn’t matter if it is or isn’t a credible threat. Frankly, you and I’ll never know for sure, and all that matters is that Moscow believes it to be so.

Which begs the question. Why would he risk such a thing? He’d know it wouldn’t be without consequences.

Like all politics it’s complicated and nuanced.

The Donbass has Russian-sponsored leaders. Sure, these regions are ethnically Russian, but to think Moscow doesn’t exert control is foolish. Kyiv, on the other hand, is a corrupt cesspool of the deep state. This is the territory of Soros and the deep state.

Which explains why we have this.

While it’s not discussed, here are some interesting things to consider. You be the judge. Bio weapons labs in Ukraine. An unusually high concentration of these.

Weird, huh? The US has officially invested over 6 billion in Ukraine since 2014. Plus weapons, military training, and various grants.

Another little “odd” piece of information is the story of one Professor Joseph Moshe, an Israeli Microbiologist working in the US, who called into an LA radio show saying he was going to supply evidence to a States Attorney regarding tainted H1N1 swine flu vaccines being produced by Baxter BioPharma Solutions. He contested that Baxter’s Ukrainian lab was in fact producing a bioweapon disguised as a vaccine. He claimed the vaccine contained an adjuvant (additive) designed to weaken the immune system and replicated RNA from the virus responsible for the 1918 Spanish flu, causing global sickness and mass death.

Moshe was chased, then tasered by an LAPD SWAT team. The information he wanted to share was, to my knowledge, never shared. That was one story, and maybe Moshe was full of isht, though it certainly would be odd for a professor to risk his career going on a live radio station suggesting such a thing. Why do such a thing if it didn’t have at least some shred of truth to it?

Then there is more on the topic of Ukrainian biolabs. A great thread now posted here going into this if you’re interested.

Now, the reason this has plausibility is twofold.

  1. Russia has taken an extraordinary risk in engaging in conflict. They must believe those risks are justified.
  2. The world has over 200 countries. Why is it that the US has so many biolabs in Ukraine, and why is it that Soros et al are so interested in the place?

When Snopes and Facebook “fact checkers” tell us it’s false, we’ll know it’s true. I’ve not seen that yet but what I do notice is that the State department removed the docs and info about the EcoAlliance biolab sites in Ukraine from the US Embassy website here. They must have not yet figured out that they’re archived.

Here’s the list:


And archived:








What I do know is that what the MSM tells us about why any particular thing is taking place is almost never the truth.

We also know that there is now an overwhelming supply of garbage propaganda. I mean, they’re not even trying. Previously at least they’d get a film set and some actors and film it as if it were real. Now they’ve reverted to lifting clips from movies and pretending it’s real life on the ground in Ukraine. No kidding.

A sampling for now, of which there are dozens.

Lastly on the topic of why Russia is doing what it’s doing here are a couple of threads worth reading in your spare time.

  1. https://twitter.com/threadsirish2/status/1498251662774865922?s=21
  2. https://twitter.com/sikhfortruth/status/1498325358759845889?s=21

Ok, so now what?

Meanwhile we are witnessing the death throes of the European Union.

Now, I know all indices look like shite at the moment, but the Euro Stoxx just broke decisively through support.

We are witnessing capital fleeing Europe.

The “safest, soundest” bedrock of “stability” that is Germany bunds are seeing capital flight.

While there is a lot going on in the world we can see what is acting favourably and what looks like it’s about to throw up.




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