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Who’s Solving This Problem?

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Today I provide you with two charts on the global food industry. You’ll notice that from 1991 (not that long ago for most of us) till 2025 (just around the corner) the global meat consumption more than doubles. People in …

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How To Profit From Pessimism In Europe

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Taking a glance at the headlines in Europe, all I see is the world’s “woes” cropping up. Either we’re dealing with cowboys, or the market sentiment is decidedly bearish. I’ll let you be the judge… Bloomberg: “Worst Earnings Letdown Since Crisis …

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A Massive Shift Is Underway!

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I was abruptly awoken yesterday by a “PMS day.” A Richter-like force, brimming under the surface, evidenced by the stomping, grumbling, and frustration that accompanies this phenomenon. As a husband, I’m grateful for the warning signs; I can hide prepare …

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Centralization vs. Decentralization

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While the 20th century unequivocally belonged to the centralization of resources and capital, both human and monetary, we are now undergoing a shift of seismic proportions in the 21st century. And understanding this is so utterly crucial to your personal wealth. …

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Here it Comes… Again!

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The origins of the GFC are more or less understood… The American consumer, tipsy at first, increasingly drunk and finally blind drunk, began throwing up. The drink: debt. Enormous amounts of debt, secured against ever rising home values, used to finance …