Jon de Wet

Gold And Digital Gold In 2020

Gold has remained a fundamental piece of culture among humans for thousands of years, although over time its uses have changed drastically. While it has held value to humans for millennia, its first recorded use as a medium of exchange was around 4000BC. From here it progressively became a cornerstone

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Unknown Capital Episode 3
Jamie Keech

Treasure in the Golden Triangle

At Resource Insider we are long Scottie Resources, an exploration company focused on gold and silver assets in British Columbia. Scottie owns the past-producing Scottie Gold Mine and a large, highly prospective exploration package in BC’s prolific Golden Triangle.

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Chris MacIntosh

Yugoslavia 2.0

I’ve been studying the breakup of Yugoslavia for many months now. It is, as far as I can tell, like a marriage. Complex. To be fair, grievances amongst different ethnic and religious groups had been simmering for hundreds of years before the last Yugoslavian civil war erupted, splintering the nation

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