Profit from the world’s fastest-growing economy, with one of the top-performing equity and property markets on the planet…

Watch and learn as our team of boots-on-the-ground local experts give you an insider’s look at investing in Mongolia! You’ve heard the hype and read the analyst’s views on why Mongolia is the hottest frontier market on the planet. Now get the real dirt, straight from the guys who are in the trenches slogging it out.

Imagine sitting in on an intimate meeting between prominent local businessmen, investment managers and entrepreneurs while they discuss their next moves. Guys like Lee Cashell, Harris Kupperman and Oscar Mendoza…

Lee took a small stash of about $30,000 and turned it into a fortune in less than a decade. His APIP group of companies represents a totally vertically integrated business, built from the ground up to capitalize on Mongolia’s unprecedented growth.

Harris “Kuppy” Kupperman, a hedge fund protégé from Miami picked up and moved to Ulaanbaatar to get involved in commercial real estate. In less than 3 years he built a business with a market cap of over $125 million, making him and his early investors, including Capitalist Exploits readers a fortune in short order! Then there’s Chris DeGruben, a young Belgian who came to Mongolia with a modest sum and a vision for dominating Mongolian residential property. Today his firm, M.A.D. Investment Solutions boasts one of the largest portfolios of residential apartments in the capital city.

These leaders will share their impressions of Mongolia, answer questions on how and where to invest now and reveal their personal strategies for their own businesses going forward.

What could that information be worth to you and your portfolio?

My name is Mark Wallace. Together with my friend, business partner and co-world traveler, Chris Tell, we scout out the best, most profitable investment opportunities in the strangest places you can imagine…and we LOVE IT!

For the last 3 years, twice a week, every week we’ve been writing about our travels and our investments. As you’ll see, the two are NOT mutually exclusive.

We’ve taken our readers from one end of the globe to the other – places like Mongolia, Fiji, Cambodia, Myanmar, Libya and Nepal – in search of far-flung ideas with massive upside potential. We don’t always find what we’re looking for, but you know what they say, it’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey.

In late July of this year we invited 25 investors from around the world – including hedge fund managers, entrepreneurs, brokers, real estate guys and even a few “regular Joe’s” – to join us for our Mongolia: Boots on the Ground Meet Up, in the country’s capital, Ulaanbaatar.

The agenda was packed full of speakers and events designed to educate, entertain and arm our attendees with all the information they needed to make informed investment decisions.

By the time it was all over we had made some fantastic friends, experienced the REAL Mongolia and walked away with more than our share of investment and business ideas.

Right now could be the best time in the last couple of years to jump into Mongolia, as our on-the-ground network is telling us that Mongolia’s equity market has bottomed.

But, just because you missed the Meet Up it doesn’t mean you can’t benefit just as much as the guys who were there…

In fact, you’re getting much the same information for a fraction of what it would have cost you to actually attend this event!

Why? Because we stayed on the ground long after the event and sat down with every one of the speakers and more, to get real insider tips and ideas that we could share. We wanted to get this important information out to more than just the 25 people who flew to Mongolia with us.

So, why Mongolia?

When Chris and I think about where we want to allocate our capital, we believe that the frontier markets, like Mongolia are the place to be. So, despite the recent slowdown in the country’s economy and the relative instability of a young democracy, we see incredible long-term opportunities.

Mongolia is a market that we want to be positioned in, right now! This video collection is the next best thing to jumping on a plane and going there yourself!

Of course nothing could replace the opportunity to stand face-to-face with the entrepreneurs and business leaders who were on hand to meet our attendees, but these recorded sessions reveal the same invaluable information that they heard.

In addition to the videos, you’ll get access to all the presentation slides that were shown during the original talks, allowing you to review exactly what our attendees saw. You’ll get all the insights necessary to determine if Mongolia is the right kind of frontier investment market for your capital.

Keep in mind that just one successful investment idea or thesis that you’ll hear about could pay for the cost of these videos many, many times over.

And while you may see some gains from the information you’ll discover in the short term, the long-term value of this package will come from the critical information you glean about Mongolia, which will enable you to invest wisely and understand the risks.

What you can expect…

This professionally produced collection features 13 interviews in over 3 hours of video. You’ll also get full transcripts of all the videos, plus the speaker’s power point presentations in digital format. We’ve also worked out a couple of VERY SPECIAL deals for you!

On top of all that you’ll get a series of essays about investing in Mongolia, commissioned from some top-notch frontier markets investors… guys like Doug Clayton and Oscar Mendoza.

We also searched for folks outside of the mainstream, like Roy Dongen. Roy runs a consulting company that has interests as diverse as the performing arts to solar energy! He’ll give you a unique perspective on what it’s like to REALLY do business in Mongolia.

We’re sure you’ll find all of their perspectives entertaining, enlightening, definitely educational and maybe even a bit controversial.

Here’s a sampling:

Jim Dwyer, Director, Business Council of Mongolia

Are Mongolian banks safe? “The banks are focusing on Tier 1 capital… The government has a guarantee on every deposit in the banking system, depositors are protected.”

Altai Khangai, CEO Mongolia Stock Exchange

What about the growth of the Mongolian Stock Exchange? “Privatization of government assets can be done efficiently and transparently through the Mongolian Stock Exchange…”

Nick Cousyn, COO BDSec Brokerage

What about Mongolian Stocks versus Real Estate?“…Mongolian equities, relative to real estate are very inexpensive.”

In your Mongolia: Boots on the GroundMeet Up video collection you’ll also hear from…

Travis Hamilton, Managing Director, Khan Asset Management

How can investors access a broad cross-section of Mongolian equities? “The Khan Mongolian Equity Fund was the first open-ended fund to offer international investors access to companies listed on the Mongolian Stock Exchange whilst providing monthly liquidity.”

Ganzorig Ulziibayar, President of Mandal Insurance

What about the growth of the insurance industry in Mongolia? “From an international perspective there are a lot of new products that are yet to be introduced in Mongolia, and those can yield high profit margins.”

Eric Zurrin, CEO, Resource Investment Capital

Why should investors consider Mongolia? “The fundamentals of Mongolia are highly compelling…”

Chris Melville, Partner at Hogan Lovells

What’s the most important thing to consider when doing business in Mongolia?“Investors need to respect Mongolian culture and gain an understanding of how the society works…”

What about those “bonuses?”

In addition to the Investing in Mongolia essays, you’ll also receive digital copies of 2 reports – over 600 pages of information. Together these bonuses are worth more than $1,500 dollars… But they’re yours FREE as part of this collection.

The Oxford Business Group’s Mongolia Country Report 2012 is a comprehensive overview for investors and business people. It sells for $150, but you’ll get it as part of this package.

With some of the industry’s most experienced analysts conducting on-the-ground research throughout the year, OBG provides its global readership with the business intelligence they need to stay ahead.

OBG has access to the most accurate statistics and independent analysis available, assisting clients in making fundamental long-term investment decisions in and about regions where access to knowledge is power.

R2 Research (a division of M.A.D. Investment Solutions) has produced the Mongolian Real Estate Report 2012. This is THE most comprehensive report available on real estate in Mongolia. Normally this report sells for $1,200, but because of our personal relationship with the guys at M.A.D. it’s included with this package!

The Mongolian Real Estate Report 2012 is the first truly comprehensive, unbiased, in-depth market report on Mongolia’s Property market. Based on over 5,000 transaction records, it sheds a powerful light of the true state of Ulaanbaatar property market, sector by sector and asset class by asset class.

The report also explores a wide number of 2nd tier cities and uncovers the best investment opportunities of the moment. Beyond simply portraying vast amounts of data in a concise manner, the Mongolian Property Report 2012 includes in-depth analysis and interpretation of the market by dedicated and seasoned real estate specialists based in Mongolia which allows investors to truly understand the scope, challenges and opportunities in an otherwise opaque and complicated market.

In addition, the report contains all the essential information needed by investors to make an effective play on the market.

With its detailed how-to guides, its extensive directories and its sample agreement, the report is an essential tool for any investor looking at the Mongolian Property Market, regardless of size and scope.

Who are these experts?

We didn’t just grab a bunch of seminar circuit regulars. We went to Mongolia, set up shop and proceeded to personally get to know the players.

You’ll hear from:

  • Lee Cashell – CEO of the APIP group of companies
  • Altai Khangai – CEO of the MSE
  • Harris Kupperman – CEO of MGG
  • Oscar Mendoza – Country Manager for Prophecy Coal and Founder & Managing Partner at Mongolia Asset Management
  • Chris DeGruben – CEO and co-founder M.A.D. Investment Solutions
  • Eric Zurrin – Director General of Rescap
  • Jim Dwyer – Director of the Mongolia Business Council
  • Nick Cousyn – COO of BDSec Brokerage
  • Travis Hamilton – Managing Director, Khan Asset Management
  • Roy Dongen – Founder of Ganymides Consulting
  • Chris Melville – Partner at the law firm of Hogan Lovells
  • Bilguun Ankhbayar – CEO of Discover Mongolia
  • Ganzorig Ulziibayar – President of Mandal Insurance (an MGG company) and the Mongolian Financial Association

These guys make up the core of our Mongolia network, we’ve got them on speed-dial. When we need to know what’s really going on in-country, this is who we call.

And what they’re telling us right now is to BUY!!

Speculation and profiting in frontier markets isn’t easy, but when you have the knowledge of on-the-ground professionals at your disposal it’s foolish not to heed their advice.

These guys were all hand-picked to give our Mongolia: Boots on the Ground Meet Up attendees a well-rounded set of no-nonsense viewpoints and practical advice on how to deploy capital in Mongolia. Now you too can benefit from this valuable network of experts.

It’s priceless wisdom from local, on the ground experts.

This comprehensive video set, packed with actionable information is available right now for only $497 – a great deal considering that airfare, hotel and transportation to Mongolia would cost you a serious multiple of that!

These videos are available immediately as digital downloads at the special discounted price…but only for a short while.

This complete package of timely information will give you the most accurate picture of Mongolia that you could get without flying there yourself.

Take advantage of this opportunity to learn about the world’s most exciting frontier market today!


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