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3 Life-Changing Lessons

It was a typically miserable, rainy, cold Thursday night in the city of London’s financial district. The “suits” had begun to descend on the local pubs in an effort to wipe out the memories of the day. They would soon be engaging in an orgy of lies, chest puffing, pontificating

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Don’t Go Getting Cute with Giant Moves

Most readers will by now be well aware of the cliff that the precious metals stepped off last week. I’ve got a few thoughts related to this. When looking rationally at our private equity portfolio of companies we are funding via PP’s, or in fact any unlisted and illiquid investments,

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Betting on Cornered Cats

Early stage companies are always going to have upsets. Financing falls over at the 11th hour, a software glitch puts their entire launch in jeopardy, biological waste is dumped on their doorstep, resignation of a director, fraud and theft from within the company (yep, been there), a new government regulation alters the

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