Month: June 2013

One Night Stand or Long Term Plan?

Far from the maddening crowds, Mark and I sit here on the edge of a primitive rainforest, overlooking a coral reef thousands of miles from the nearest industrialized continent. Not a bad spot to ponder life, our investments, and of course our personal projects, one of which is the reason

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How Traffic Jams Can Lead Us to Profit

The evolution of the Western shopper is well documented… Gone are the small local outlets from which our previous generation shopped. Modern adolescents now spend their waking hours roving shopping malls while glued to smart phones. I wrote an article on the topic of virtual crack a while back, it

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Venture Capital in Cambodia?

Frontier market venture capital and private equity is a unique niche. Therefore, when I first met Christophe Forsinetti, co-founder of DEVENCO, I knew I had to invite him to speak at our Cambodia Meet Up. His presentation was well received.   A little background… A relatively young Cambodian Frenchman, Christophe

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