A Sensory Feast – The Fastest Growing Country in Latin America

Did you know that over 65% of people are visual learners and that we process visual representations 60,000 times faster than text? Over 90% of the information we process daily comes to us visually, which may explain why 40% of all nerve fibres connected to the brain are linked to the retina.

Speaking of visual engagement… this guy is using what little he has available to provide his own form of visual entertainment while Medellin, Colombia traffic waits for a red light.

Medellin Street Juggler

We learn best by visual, kinesthetic and auditory means. Given that, it seems a bit nuts that I write. It’s visual, but one of the more difficult forms of visual, as it requires work and attention.

Therefore, in the spirit of changing format for you, dear readers, today I have both an audio feast for you with a bit of a visiual component too.

As mentioned last time, arguably the best way to improve your chances of investment success is to seek out people who are experts in their fields and have them share their knowledge with you, and vice versa. Tony Robbins uses this to perfection, as do many others, including Tim Ferris and James Altucher.

This is one of the reasons why we’ve spent the last few months strengthening our network in Colombia. One of the experts we’ve been engaging with is David Steckenreiter of Steckenreiter Serna and Associates, a law firm based in Medellin, Colombia.

David has lived in several Colombian cities during the last decade, and he knows a thing or two about moving to Colombia, marrying a Colombian, investing and building a business in the country.

I recently recorded a conversation I had with David where we talked about Colombia as a lifestyle and investment destination. Please enjoy, and be sure to pass it to your friends and colleagues if you think it would be useful!

We’ll have more on Colombia for you next week.

– Chris

“We have a bad image in the world, I’ve got to admit. I just want people to think twice about Colombia. Don’t go by the first impression.” – Camilo Villegas


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