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What Parenting Has in Common with Raising Capital

Fathers and mothers everywhere recall with a certain fondness the years BC. For the average pre-family adult, life was starkly different before children (BC). Responsibilities ended at the individual level and oh, the freedom. Money was yours, time was yours, and you could do with it all as you damn

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A Bull Market in PR

The World Cup is on. I sat and watched a game on the weekend with my son. “Dad, that guy completely faked that fall. Couldn’t the ref see that?” My son, who watches precious little television noticed immediately how many of the players were pretending to be hurt at the

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Funding Your Start-up

Further to my last post, I wanted to delve into the options available to entrepreneurs for funding their start-up. The topic may seem obvious – the founders have an idea and need capital – easy enough. OK, let’s hurry up already, get out there, raise some dosh and get this

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