Dylan Grice on Finding Value

Dylan Grice isn’t a Golden Globe-award winning actor, nor is he a social media celebrity, he’s 100 times better. He’s a deep thinker who before setting up Calderwood capital was research director at a large European family office, which came on the back of working as a Global strategist at Socgen, where together with the famous bear Albert Edwards he became known for some exceptional calls and remarkably well articulated research notes…which was how I first came to learn of him.

I’ve wanted to have Dylan on a podcast for nearly a decade, and—even with my sky-high hopes—he absolutely over-delivered. In our conversation, we dig into investing psychology, opportunities in credit, and much, much more. Dylan was very gracious with his time, and this is one of the most enjoyable conversations I’ve had.

Trust me—Dylan delivers the goods, and we had a blast. Enjoy!


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