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Did Elon Just Declare War On A Human Blockchain?

One of the things that makes the Bitcoin blockchain network so appealing and powerful is that every transaction is validated by a swarm of folks who are decentralized, and whose single purpose is to validate whether a transaction is true or false. It has created what is presently THE most

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Emerging Markets
Chris MacIntosh

Macroworld: Realities And Perceptions

In this weekly wrap up, we look at the capitalist/socialist cycle, Revisit our predictions of an EM crisis, Elon Musk’s weed smoking ways and Tesla’s ongoing issues, and the basket case that is South Africa.

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A Can’t Lose Deal… “Public” Venture Capital

After the debacle that was Solyndra, we hoped that “public” venture capital would die a much deserved death. Alas, we once again underestimated the arrogance and self-professed intellectual superiority of the bureaucrats! Well we, cynics of “public” venture capital (aka government sponsored business), should hide in shame. We obviously didn’t

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