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Value in France – Who Would have Thought?

Nowadays France is better known as the country which has managed to take incomprehensible, anti-growth, anti-sanity, bureaucratic policies, layer them on top of existing, mind-numbing socialist stupidity and have their citizens think it all as ordinary as chocolate cake. It’s enough to induce a guy to reach for Xanax, if

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The Importance of Buying Lots of Time

Early in 2012 I noted how cheap Royal Dutch Shell (RDSA) appeared. Certainly the stock looked cheap, though when trading options I need more than just a cheap stock. Importantly, in this instance the availability of ultra-long term December 2016 expiration options (trading on the Amsterdam exchange) also seemed cheap,

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Trading Floor Insights with Brad Thomas

Record debt levels, record margin levels, record central bank stimulus, and record government intervention. It certainly feels like we’re in uncharted territory. I’d be inclined to say we are experiencing record stupidity at a government level, but then I’ve read enough history to realise that this is not true. Unfortunately

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