Month: October 2013

THIS is where our Monetary System is Headed

I’ve never been trapped in a fire before and trust me, I have had plenty of opportunity. Yes, I was THAT kid, the one who played with fire. The trick was, and still is to steer clear of the flames, to anticipate what and where. Fire is however notorious for

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Trading with One of the Best

Fundamentals matter. Every piece of history I’ve read indicates this to be the case. When investing, which is to say placing capital with a long-term view of a particular outcome, fundamental analysis works. Trading the markets however can often involve an entirely different approach and yet be profitable at the

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China’s Reaction to the US Government Shutdown – Gimme Some!

The best investors I know place their bets according to probabilities. It’s been over a decade since I moved my life and my capital to the far east. The fundamentals were too important to ignore, and ultimately the fundamentals lead to probabilities.  The US government had a plan to counter

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