Category: Capitalist Viewpoints

Traditional Media & The Switch To Blogs

Traditional media is dead! The well-coiffed pigeon-chested peacocks that attempt to pass as conveyors of news may not know it yet, but it’s true nonetheless. I was recently sent a bubble vision clip (CNBC), you know that cradle of financial market intellect. After viewing it I concluded that there ought

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Education versus Schooling

Screw it, I’m not going to send my kids to university when they complete their schooling years. I’m going to send them travelling, and not only that – I’m going to make them pay for it. When they inevitably spend a day, thankfully still in the distant future, throwing up

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Why Not to Buy Your Own Home!

Home ownership is the most popular religion of the 21st century. It’s even more popular than stupidity and that’s saying something. If you wish to become a pariah amongst your fellow natives simply tell them that owning a home is not an investment, then tell them it’s potentially one of

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