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The March of Technology

My recent post “It’s over!” stirred up a lot of emotions. I received many thoughtful replies commending me on it, and quite a few others threatening me and wishing me bodily harm, disease, death or a job at the TSA. I’m not sure which would be worse…? In that piece

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It’s Over!

At a “pitch fest” a few nights ago, while sitting listening to the companies present their stories, and questioning the founders, one particular company struck me as a glaring outcast. I’ll tell you why they were an outcast, but first… After just a few pointed questions I discovered that this

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Trading Floor Insights with Brad Thomas

Record debt levels, record margin levels, record central bank stimulus, and record government intervention. It certainly feels like we’re in uncharted territory. I’d be inclined to say we are experiencing record stupidity at a government level, but then I’ve read enough history to realise that this is not true. Unfortunately

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