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The World’s Most Crowded Trade

With over $900 billion invested into bond funds by mom-and-pop investors since the global financial crisis, the great law of unintended consequence is gearing up to rear its ugly head. Once again, money will be taken from those least able to afford it. Take a look at the graph below,

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Value in France – Who Would have Thought?

Nowadays France is better known as the country which has managed to take incomprehensible, anti-growth, anti-sanity, bureaucratic policies, layer them on top of existing, mind-numbing socialist stupidity and have their citizens think it all as ordinary as chocolate cake. It’s enough to induce a guy to reach for Xanax, if

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A Bull Market in PR

The World Cup is on. I sat and watched a game on the weekend with my son. “Dad, that guy completely faked that fall. Couldn’t the ref see that?” My son, who watches precious little television noticed immediately how many of the players were pretending to be hurt at the

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