DM Me If You’re A Dwarf

Isht You Wouldn’t Believe

Last week was “Nazi pride week” in Mongolia. Pic taken on the steps of parliament. No kidding!

When I first visited Ulaanbaatar, I was puzzled at the Nazi bars. Seemed sort of like a theme bar — kinda like you’d expect maybe a weird vampire themed bar or a girly bar. Except these ones had swastikas.

I never ventured inside, though I now wish I had. Perhaps they’ve pictures of Auschwitz or maybe just an old pair of black boots Himmler wore. Who knows?

What’s funny is that if Hitler had done what he intended and got his way, Mongolians would almost certainly have been sent to concentration camps themselves. In fact, under Hitler, Soviet prisoners of war who appeared Mongolian were singled out for execution.

The fact is these folks are simply ultra nationalists and typically anti-Chinese.

Sticking with Crazystan Mongolia, if you don’t have a dwarf, you’re in trouble.

The Government increased fees for not hiring disabled or dwarf people by issuing the resolution #111, dated 21 March 2019 (the “Resolution”).

Under the Labour Law of Mongolia, legal entities are obliged to employ a disabled or dwarf individual for every 25-employment positions, otherwise they are required to pay a monthly fee set by the Government depending on the number of employees.

Dang, I wish I had a team of dwarfs. I could supply all the corporations in Mongolia (for a fee, of course). It’d be dwarf arbitrage, and to leverage it, maybe even bring the trading of “dwarf credits” to the Mongolian stock exchange. DM me if you’re a Mongolian dwarf. Seriously, I’ve a friend who needs one urgently.

Now, if this all sounds nuttier than Alexandria Cortez’s “green deal”, that’s because it is.

But I’d ask you how different is this to California’s laws of hiring people without a penis? Or South Africa’s laws ensuring black ownership. Or the absolutely counterproductive and absurd “carbon credits” system the exists today in the West.

The answer, of course, to all this insanity is in allowing business people… you know, the ones that take all the risks to get something happening to hire whoever they damn well please.

Speaking of which, I think you may find the following worthwhile.

You Don’t Wanna Be Caught on the Short Side of This Bad Boy

It’s been a position as unpopular as herpes for us and so somewhat satisfying to see others coming to realise the incredible asymmetry in this. Long the greenback, that is.

Which is potentially a much bigger deal than you may think. Why?

Uber Broke Pricing

Remember the old “it’s the Uber of [insert hyped up nonsense idea]”?

Yeah, well… what happens when the king is dethroned?

Right now we wait on the absurd company known as WeWork to list.

What I do know is that those VCs, especially those who came in late, are bricking themselves, and they’re trying their darnedest to make sure those silly retail folk understand that the hemorrhaging red ink on their income statements actually is an “investment”. No, really.

Maybe they buy it. But then again, maybe they look at Uber and Lyft.

What implications does this have?

Here’s a hint… Take a look at growth vs. value. Commodity stocks relative to the Dow are the cheapest they’ve ever been. Cool, huh?



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