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Chinese Food
Venture Capital and Private Equity
Chris MacIntosh

Industry Standard be Damned!

Some 12 years ago, on my first trip to China, I found myself pleasantly surprised by almost everything I saw. The high quality and low cost of accommodation, the fantastic roads, and overall infrastructure. I found a friendly people with a truly surprising level of wealth. It was a country

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Drag-Along Rights – Why Investors Use Such Agreements

Frankly I am often puzzled as to why investors simply buy common stock, all too often taking what the market offers them. It’s no secret that the majority of what we do right now is investing in private equity. Today I’m going to provide yet another reason why getting involved in

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How to Negotiate Irrational Thinking

In a post last week I mentioned that we were going to share with you our stand-out favourite emerging market this week. Our humble apologies but its still in the oven so instead we’ll be detailing it next week.  In my last post I discussed how ego affects our personal

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