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Chris MacIntosh

To Buy Or Not To Buy A Crisis?

Jeezuz, it feels like it’s been ages. My apologies for the lack of articles of late. I’ve been spending a bit of time lately hurtling through the air in pressurised tin cans breathing recycled fart. Speaking of which, last week we had a little round of drinks on a rooftop

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Unearthing Value in the Coal Fields of Indonesia

Since I last spoke with Ranjeet, CEO of Challenger Deep Resources (CDE-TSXV) a few weeks ago, a significant development has occurred; CDE has entered into a binding LOI with an Australian entity to acquire its Indonesian subsidiary for $2,000,000 and leave Challenger with a royalty for life of mine coal

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Conquering the Indonesian (and Mongolian) Frontier

I caught up recently with Ranjeet Sundher in Singapore to go over his latest projects and thought it would be worthwhile introducing him to you. I really like Ranjeet because he’s a nuts and bolts entrepreneur, the type of guy who is adaptive enough, smart enough and flexible enough to

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Front-Running Liquidity – A Terrific Investment Strategy

Front-running liquidity has been a terrific investment strategy for Mark and I over the years (and NO, it has nothing to do with getting drunk before everybody else). It allowed me, before reaching the ripe old age of 30, to wake up one morning realizing that, “Hey I don’t have to

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