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Chris MacIntosh

The Common Sense Way To Get Rid Of Kim Jong-Un

Given the proven failure of sanctions throughout history, and the unpredictability and horrendous forecasts ahead of lengthy military action, Capitalist Exploits examines the most effective, peaceful, productive method of disrupting dictatorships and allowing affected citizens to take back their freedoms.

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North Korea: Is Perception Different from Reality?

This will be the third and final instalment (to better understand the context I encourage you to read Part I and Part II) on a short series of articles on the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea (DPRK, aka North Korea). For the past three weeks I have argued that, while it

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Four Reasons to Keep an Eye on North Korea

By: Kevin Virgil Last week I wrote about the possibilities of increasing change in North Korea, and its importance in the complex Northeast Asian region, which is quickly becoming a fault line between the world’s three leading powers. I have been writing for a couple of years now and it

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