The Coming $10 Billion Discovery And The New Age Of Exploration

People always tend to think that an exploration company can only be sold for $1 billion dollars. One day we’ll have a discovery that will be sold for $10 billion or $15 billion… or even $20 billion. These are normal numbers in tech, but in our industry, people think it’s not possible anymore.

Willem Middelkoop, founder and fund manager Commodity Discovery Fund

Willem Middelkoop is the founder and fund manager of the Commodity Discovery Fund in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Prior to becoming a full-time mining and commodity investor Willem worked as a photo journalist, financial journalist, TV presenter, and authored several best-selling books, including the Big Reset (which I recommend checking out).

Willem and I sat down at the Royal York during the PDAC to discuss:

  • How a photo journalist becomes a mining fund manager.
  • The tell-tale signs of a great discovery, and how information leaks can help honest investors.
  • How the process of writing books helps Willem explore complex systems.
  • Weaknesses in the world’s financial system, and what they mean for the future.
  • Why China is on the verge of resuming its historical role in the world.
  • Willems’ methodology for ensuring that he is an early investor in the best discoveries.
  • How a hedge against real-estate prices led Willem to become interested in commodities and precious metals.
  • The 4 key components of Willems’ portfolio.
  • The importance of understanding the financial system before buying a mining stock.
  • The exclusive event Willem runs for investors in Amsterdam each year.

Willem reached out to me to talk mining over dinner, and the conversation was so good that I knew I had to bring it to our listeners.

[transcription id=23657]

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Jamie Keech

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