Author: Jamie Keech

Jamie Keech

The Golden Gun

Going shooting wasn’t my idea. I’d been working around the clock closing a deal and it was a good excuse to get out of town for a couple of days. A friend of mine, an executive at a billion-dollar gold company, invited me to a gun range near his log

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Why are Commodities so Damn Cheap?

Relative to the S&P 500, commodities are the cheapest they’ve been in more than 50 years. The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated a global paradigm shift that had already begun to take place. Investors that are prepared today stand to make significant profits. In this article and video I discuss: The

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Lost Spanish Silver

Vizsla Resources (TSXV, VZLA: $0.66) Resource Insider members (myself included) invested in Vizsla late last year in the $0.40 private placement offering. Vizsla Resources is focused on consolidating and developing silver assets in Sinaloa, Mexico. District Potential  The team, led by CEO Mike Konnert, has consolidated a major silver producing

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